Messages that Melt His Heart

Sweet Messages to Melt His Heart

Messages to Melt His Heart: when you want to assure him of your unending, undying love, these are the messages to send to him.

Messages to Melt His Heart

To the one I call my own
Every moment of the day reminds me of you. Your words keep ringing in my head and the thoughts of you keep me active. I cherish your company and I pray it lasts forever. You are very special to me!

I want to grow old with you
I have found love in the heart of a man, a man of greatness and fortune, a man of passion and determination, a man with courage and strength, a man with confidence and power. You have shown me what love is all about and you have made me believe in it. I can’t thank you less for the many times you have shown your royalty and respect toward me. You are indeed a great man and I will love you for as long as life abounds. Thank you for loving me my loving husband. I cherish you!

You are a humble soul
Everything you do is so nice, you are filled with love and care. You think less of yourself but more of others. Your love is real and beautiful and this makes you so unique and special. Please keep being nice dearie!

I am sorry
I know I hurt you and I know it is painful, but I am so sorry and I want you to know that it is not intentional. You have done nothing to deserve my actions towards you. I apologise with all sincerity. I love you!

To a friend I cherish
Dear husband and friend, you have been so supportive and helpful to me. I appreciate all your kind gestures toward me. Consider my love for you as an intimate appreciation. Thank you and I love you!

You are such a joy giver
When ever you are here with me life makes more sense. You make it all lively and worth living, you make every moment meaningful, you create a lovely atmosphere. You are such a joy giver!

Your love is all I need
Your love is unconditional. It is sweet, tender, caring, understanding, loving and beautiful. Your love is all that is required to melt a hardened heart. I love you so much.

If love was a felony
If love was a felony then I am ready to live the rest of my life in the dungeon. If love is a crime then I am ready to be wanted. Dying for you will be a noble cause and living in your love will be an eternal joy. I am happy that I met you!

When you are here
Life is worth living when you are here. You make me feel beautiful and respected, you make me believe in myself no matter how hard it is. You create an atmosphere of peace and love around me. You are indeed my inspiration!

Words to Make Him Melt

I need you
Whenever I am sad you make me laugh, whenever I am lost you bring me back, whenever I am giving up you give me a reason not to. You around me is all I need to build my confidence in all ways possible. You are indeed a lover and a friend to me. I cherish you!

My wishes
If I had to make three wishes, they will be; that you remain this nice and loving forever, that you always be here for me so I will never have to miss you, and that we live for eternity together. You are my one desire!

You are my desire
I have always wanted to be loved by you, to get a fill of your love and to be a part of you. You have always been my greatest desire and now that I have found you, I will love you like it is my last and I will make every moment count on the tablet of love. I cherish you my treasure!

Your smiles
Your smiles are beautiful, they radiate love and reflect happiness, they create a pleasant environment and a nice feeling. All I need all my life is to watch you smile. Keep glowing!

Don’t worry
You don’t have to worry, whatever happens because no matter what I will always be here for you. I don’t have the power to move mountains or the power to break chains but one thing I know for sure is that when I am with you, I do great things and I have the power to love you. I can’t stop loving you my treasure!

Times might be hard, things might go wrong, sorrow might come but I beg you my dear, hold on to my love and believe in yourself for no one can do it any better than you. I believe in you and I trust you can do it. Stay strong my love!

Love is when you smile at me because it makes me feel loved, love is when you hold me because it makes believe I am not alone, love is when you kiss me. I love you!

Your words are magic to me
Whenever I hear you speak, whenever you say those charming things to me, whenever I stumble on the memories of your endless wise sayings, it makes me smile. Your words are magical and the magic is effective on me. I cherish you!

I will do it all for you
If I had to run or crawl or fly or swim or do whatever it takes to get to you, I will do it all for you my love, for your love is worth it and I will be stupid to let go. You are my joy.

Love Messages to Someone Special

You are an angel from above
I don’t know much but this much I do, you are an extra ordinary human, you are an angel sent to me from above and I am so honoured to have you in my life. I can’t stop loving you my love!

I am stuck in your love
For the first time in my life I am stuck and I don’t need a help. If your love was a prison then I will commit the worst crime so I can be locked in there forever. You are the best thing I have encountered and I won’t deny this fact “anything you do makes me happy”. I am grateful I met you!

To my dearest friend
God has brought you to me to complement me. Having you as my friend is undeniably the best thing in my life and I can’t trade you for anyone or anything. I am keeping you forever!

You are a blessing
For every bad moment of my life, you are always there to make me feel better. Your consolation gives me strength and uplifts my spirit. Thank you for always making me happy.

Love Messages to Win His Heart

This is how you make me feel
You give me happiness even when I don’t deserve it, you put a smile on my face even when I hurt you, you show me love when I am sad and lonely, you make me feel perfect. Thank you, my love.

This is how I feel for you
My world is empty without you, my thoughts are crowded with fear and doubt whenever I miss you. You are my dream come true and that’s true, you have changed my thoughts and made my heart brand new. You are the reason for my smile, the reason for my blue sky. When I miss you I cry and no matter how hard I try to hide, it still doesn’t work out. You are my star, the cause of my joy. I love you!

You are different
It has always been known that men have a strong and hardened heart but you are different. For this long I have known you, you have always shown me love in a bountiful way, you have shown me the love that I never expected from a man. You are special to me and I cherish you my king.

You are perfect just the way you are
If there is anyone as nice as you are, it is you. Your loving personality is beyond comparison and your caring nature is one in a million. You bring life where there is sadness and light where there is darkness. You are truly a man of virtue.

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I am happy I met you
You have made my life colourful and meaningful. You have given me a reason to smile and remain happy. I appreciate all you do for me and I wish my friendship with you never ends. I love you beyond my words and actions. You are just the best!

If this was a dream
If you were to be a dream then I don’t want to wake up, I want to be stuck in my dream seeing you all day long and having to hold you all my life. I need you wherever I am and I want to behold you even as the last thing before I’m gone. I love you!

Messages that will Make His Heart Jump

This is who you are to me
You are my joy giver, the reason for my smiles, my strength, my courage, my zeal, my passion, my jokes, my ambition, my future, my desire, my hope, my happiness, my tears and laughter, my love and all. I cherish you and I adore you. Having you as a husband is divine and I thank the Lord Almighty for this. I love you!

In the deepest part of my worries you show your might, in my worst moments you take control, when all hope is gone your grace prevails for me, when I am down you lift me up and even when I sin you never leave me. You are a God I will serve until I am called to rest in you. Thank you lord!

I believe in you
In all you do just know that I believe in you, for I have seen you do it before and I strongly believe that you can do it over and over again. Just face it with love and focus and have no fear or doubt in yourself my love.

Words from my heart
These are my thoughts emanating from my heart and it is all about love, the love that you have shown me. When I think of the things you have done for me all I can do is to smile. You are the best of everything I have seen in all of my life, you have given me the reason to feel so happy and loved and that is why I write this to you. These are the words from my heart to you my love.

You are my melody
If I sing any song then it is you I am thinking of. I think of you while sleeping and even more while awake. You are my melody and you are my everything.

My joy
Happiness was when I met you and now my whole joy comes from you. You are my special friend, the one I can do nothing without and the one that I can do anything when I am with. My love for you is real, it is true and forever. Can’t love you less my king.

Words can’t express it
How I feel for you, the things you do to me, the way you build me and every other thing you have done for me, even my own words can’t express it. Your love for me is supernatural. I would have been the most unfortunate person in this world if I never come to know you. Thank you with all my heart!

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