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International Womens Day Quotes/Messages

International Womens Day Quotes/Messages: The day is here again to celebrate the wonderful women in your life. Get the best International Women’s Day Messages here. Enjoy!

International Women’s Day Quotes

Everyone needs a good woman in their lives. A woman is always there to make it possible what seems not possible, a woman is there to create that perfect smile, a woman is there to light up the day, a woman is there to complement the moment, a woman is there to give colour to the blur, a woman is there to fix the wrong, a woman is there to absorb the pains, a woman is there to mend the broken heart, a woman is always there to bring relief to the soul, a woman is there to console, a woman is there to bring solutions to every possible problem, a woman is just the best. Happy women’s day!

International women’s day, a day to celebrate
This day is a day designed to celebrate the beauty of women internationally, today marks the world wide festivity of all women. Having perfect women in my world, I can’t help it but to join celebrate all women of the nation especially those who love and care for their children and also to those who believe in the womanhood. Happy joyous women’s day, celebrate with love!

Women, the reason for our joy
I am posting all the women to the world today because you all have shown us that there is every need to be happy. Correcting every faults in us despite our attitudes and have made right every wrong. You all are women to behold, women to ask for, and women to love. I love you all with all my heart; I am sending this message to every women in the globe today. Happy women’s day you all! Much love!

What would I have been without your love?
There is no love as perfect and sweet as the one that comes from a woman. They take the pains to make one smile, they are the very best set of persons to confide in or trust. They are ever ready to go empty that you may be full, their love is super cool. They feel your pains and know exactly how to go about it. Women are worth having, friends to keep and perfect persons to love and trust. I celebrate today for all women internationally. Happy world women’s day!

If there is any love one must need, it is the love from women. For only a woman knows how to manipulate life to become a better life for her child, worth living in joy and happiness. Today, I wish to celebrate all the women in the globe. Happy women’s day to you all!

A woman is as well a creator. God has given them the ability to give life to the world and although the process is so difficult, they have accepted to serve in the capacity. Big thanks to all the wonderful women of the world. We love you all!

It takes love to become a woman, it takes love to accept that title, it takes love to remain in that position, and it takes love to carry out a woman’s duty in life. I love all the women out there so much and I am wishing them all a blessed women’s day celebration today. Enjoy!

The love she has, the feeling she feels, the understanding she gives, the courage she teaches, the life she offers, the passion she shows, the zeal she portrays; all and everything about women is unique and beyond normal. If you still have one, please love her. Happy women’s day to you all!

You’re always ready and prepared to be a guide, ever ready also to show me which way to follow ever since conception till this very moment. Despite how much pain we have caused you guys, you all still decide to love us. We can’t love women less. Today I join the host of angels to celebrate womanhood. Happy global women’s day to all the sweet women!

Women are the pride of the nation. They bear fruits that are of great positive effects to the growth and development of the nation. Women are the reason for a perfect tomorrow. I celebrate all great women of the globe. Happy women’s day!

Women are the strength of the nation. The greatness of every strong nation depends on the women it harbors as the greatness of every home depends on the mother. The personality of women cannot be neglected in every aspect of life. Today marks a remarkable and joyous day set aside to commemorate the greatness of women. Happy women’s day to the world!

Women are catalysts of progress. If it must be done well, then it must be done by a woman or catalysed by her. A woman’s ability to make it work is her pride. I am so happy I was made a woman. Happy women’s day!

A woman’s courage is all the world needs. The power of a woman is indeed strength, her courage is greatness, her understanding is wisdom, and her silence is most times the answer needed. God perfected His creation by creating a woman and men are blessed with this forever beautiful gift. I take today as an opportunity to express my deep appreciation to all the women in the world. Happy women’s day!

Women are change makers. How perfect they make things work is beyond mere understanding, how brave they fix it is so beautiful and great. Being a woman is a gift, and I write to let all the women know that they are not weaklings but strengths, they are not slaves but leaders, they are not to be underrated or downgraded, and they are the best. Wishing them all a nice celebrated lovely women’s day!

The world is this beautiful because the rare gems are forever available to keep the beauty constant, intensifying the rays that keep the brightness on and demystifying the hidden secrets behind the origin of this beautiful garden. What on earth is not brought forth from them? Wishing you all a joy filled celebration. Happy women’s day!

Even the God of creation knew the need and necessity for a woman as He said “it is not good for a man to be alone” so He created a woman to complete and complement a man. Women are a piece that no man can do without. The perfect match for a wonderful complementation; wishing all the women in the universe a happy women’s day!

To the most wonderful creature
Being the last creature brought forth explains the necessity of having women in the universe. A helper, a dreamer, a counselor, a mother, all these qualities can only be seen in women. As today marks a day for all the beautiful women out there, wishing you all a lovely women’s day celebration!

It is true that all creatures are important but with time, it was discovered that a man can never perform the duties of a woman but a woman can to a great level of perfection and affection for what she is doing. The world wouldn’t have been complete without these queens to rule the kingdom. Sending out thousand of kisses to all the lovely women in the world. Happy women’s day!

Women are the most expensive jewels in the world. They are jewels that money can never buy. A woman loves genuinely despite her situation; always ready to give her very best at all levels. The world have seen and tasted of this specialty. Happy women’s day!

Only a woman can endure the pains she bears internally and still smile like nothing happened. Sometimes I ask myself, how do they feel performing this? Women are great; there is power in womanhood, a power that is beyond imagination. The world is blessed heavily by these wonders in form of women. A woman is worth having indeed. Happy women’s day!

Women are the reason for joy
A woman brings joy in whatever she does and wherever she goes. A woman is a joy bearer, she conceive joy amidst all worries. Thank God for such a creature. Happy wonderful women’s day!

The beauty of the world is a woman. A woman in her perfect nature makes the world glow in beauty and royalty. Every woman is a queen with a beautiful heart made of gold and diamond. I cannot imagine a world without a woman, how rough and scattered it will be. The role of women cannot be underestimated in life. Happy beautiful women’s day!

To all perfect creatures called women. The Lord God gave the earth a supernatural blessing by creating a woman. Her love is perfect, her advices are life changing, her heart is filled with love and her loving soul is coined from gold. Today is the best day because it is a day set aside to celebrate these wonderful personalities called women. Happy women’s day to the world!

The best day is this day, for this day is designed with greatness. There is no life without a woman for all life comes from her. Today is wonderfully made and is worth celebrating. Let’s all join forces as we celebrate the fruitfulness and love of a woman. Happy women’s day to the world!

Happy Women’s Day Messages

It’s international women’s day celebration no wonder the sky is so bright and beautiful. All I can see and hear is love and all I can feel is peace. I wish all the mothers, sisters, aunties and daughters of the nation peace and love. Happy women’s day to the world

Happy Womens Day

Let’s all celebrate this unique day. This day is indeed a perfect and unique day for all souls on earth and I believe it is also being celebrated in heaven as it is a very special and delightful day. The source of life is celebrated on this day and the reason for joy is made known. I therefore celebrate every woman on earth and I thank them all for their love and care coupled with their beautiful and charming heart. Thank you all and a happy festive day to you.

It is Impressive how God made a woman, she is ever ready to submit herself for the joy and safety of others. She has a nature of concern and love and her love is beyond ordinary. A world without a woman would have been a confused and disorderly one filled with pain and destruction, chaos and doom. All thanks to God for creating a woman and all thanks to women for accepting the responsibility of being an instrument for life and a source of life. Today let us all join forces to celebrate this gift from God (a woman). Happy international women’s day!

The heart of a woman is filled with love and the love is always extended to all that crosses her path. A woman is a unique being whose personality cannot be neglected. Beginning with my mother to every woman in the universe, I wish to say a thank you to all of you and to wish you a perfect and loving celebration. Happy women’s day!

The role of a woman is to ignite the soul of the world and to bring peace and tranquility to disorderliness. A woman’s role in the home is also very important as she supports and complements a man. Today is indeed a very remarkable, perfect and lovely day as it is tagged “world women’s day”. Happy international women’s day to all the beautiful women in the world!

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