Heartfelt Best Friend Text Messages

Heartfelt Best Friend Text Messages for Your Friend

Heartfelt Best Friend Text Messages for Your Friend

Heartfelt Best Friend Text Messages for Your Friend is one way you can employ to oil the vehicle of friendship. No doubt, friends are important in life and when you have a good one, you have no idea how blessed you are. With good friends, you will go far in life, therefore don’t ever joke with them. Celebrate friendship at any given opportunity with any of these “Heartfelt Best Friend Text Messages for Your Friend.

When you’ve got a best friend, someone who sincerely loves and cares for you, don’t ever let such person go, because it is rare to find such special relationships.   Hold them tight, celebrate them, cheer them, encourage them and above all, love them with all your heart. This collection of Heartfelt Best Friend Text Messages for Your Friend aims at helping you do just that. You will find this collection useful in helping you express your deep wishes to your friend.

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Thank You Best Friend Text Messages to Send to Your Friend

Messages for Your Friend
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The love you have shown me and keep showing me blows my mind. You are my angel in human form. If there is anyone I can always count on, I know it is you. I value you, I value your friendship and I will never take it for granted. I love you so much. Thank you.

I love the way you love me. I love the way you correct me when I’m wrong. I enjoy your companionship. I love your frankness. Thank you for being to me the definition of friendship. Thank you for loving me more than I deserve. I love you.

You cheer me when I’m down. Thank you for letting me be who I want to be. Thank you for being a friend I can trust, a friend I can depend on. I appreciate your love. I appreciate your friendship.

I unconsciously placed you on a pedestal, yet you have never once failed me. Though I know now it is unfair to place anyone on a pedestal, I also know as I have experienced that your values, morals are top-notch. I respect you a lot. Thank you for never disappointing me.

I made it a point not to have high expectations of people having been disappointed several times. This didn’t stop me from hoping however. When you extended a hand of friendship towards me, I had my reservations, but till date, you are yet to fail me and I am truly grateful for that. Thank you for being a true friend.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with your love. Your expression of love is truly amazing and even though I try, I could never match you. Thank you for loving me so selflessly. I cherish your friendship.

I’m extremely lucky and blessed to have you in my life. I’m riding on the wings of your love to achieve what I never thought I could achieve. Thank you for being a friend to me even though I know I am not one of the nicest persons. I appreciate your love.

Thank you for always having my back. Despite the fact that I try to push you away many times, you still stand by me like a rock. I know I can always count on you.

Best friends are for the good and bad times. Thank you for staying true to the friendship code. You are the best and I cherish you.

You’re a friend that listens, a friend that cares. I am certain of the genuineness of your love. Thank you for being to me what no one has never been to me. Thank you for being the best friend ever.

Heartfelt Best Friend Messages for a Distant Friend

anonymous friends standing together at sunset in mountains
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

 Distance is nothing. Distance or not, we are best friends forever. I love you as always, dear. Can’t wait to see you soon though.

When you’re done exploring and travelling the world, come back home, please. I miss you so much already. Love, your best friend.

I hope they’re treating you as nice as you deserve to be treated. You’re too precious to me to be mal-handled. Make sure you have the maximum fun and don’t miss me too much.

Dear friend, you’re so far away and I’m left alone here, missing you so much. Please stay well and come back as soon as you can.

You’re not here to share my burdens as before. The phone is inadequate to replace your physical presence. I miss you so much yet I know your being away is for good. Please come see me as soon as you can. I love you.

Seeing you whenever I want to has been a habit, so it is difficult to accept that you’re far away now and I can’t see you at will. I miss you so much and I hope you will come see me soon.

Why is life separating my friend from me? I miss you so much, beautiful soul.

We get to talk on phone but it’s never the same. I can’t get to hug you over the phone, the only consolation I have is that I get to hear your voice. I miss you so much, dear friend and I can’t wait to see you soon.

I wish you were here with me, right by my side, loving me like only you can.

I miss you so bad it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I wish you weren’t so far away. I wish I can get to see you anytime I like.

Heartfelt Messages to Encourage Your Best Friend

You’re smarter than you think. I’ve always believed in you not for anything but the fact that I see greatness in you. Please don’t rest on your oars, keep pushing, you will succeed.

I’m rooting for you. I know you will succeed, it’s just a matter of time. I’ll be right by your side when you do.

You’ve come such a long way. I am so proud of your journey so far. Even the blind can see that you’re headed for greatness. I believe in you.

I can understand that you don’t feel too good now. I want you to know that this is just a temporary setback; you will bounce back and don’t forget, I’ve got your back, always.

You’re tougher than the challenges you’re facing. They are only stepping stones to greater heights for you. keep marching forward, dear, your stories will definitely turn to glory and we will all gather to testify with you.

When you turn around in search of help, I’ll always be here. I will never desert nor disappoint you. I will always be here as your shoulder to cry on and as your cheerleader cheering you on on your journey to greatness. I love you.

Ours is a friendship that will never end. When you’re weak, I will be strong. Together we will achieve our goals.

Always remember, sweetheart that nothing can bring you down except you permit it. Love you lots.

Don’t be discouraged sweetheart. We will weather this storm together. You will be fine. I love you.

I promise you, everything will be alright. You will come out of this turbulence and it would be as if you were never in it. I am praying for you. I am rooting for you. And I will be right by your side every step of the way.

Life is full of ups and downs. This too shall pass.

Heartfelt Best Friend Messages

 I have made up my mind that whether rain or shine, I will love you. You are my best friend forever.

Thank you for accepting me, flaws and all. I appreciate all the effort you put into making this friendship a special one.

I will be that friend who will be left when there’s no other. I will stand by you, support you and care for you no matter what.

You mean a lot to me. You’re the reason I’ve got a best friend. I love you.

When there’s nothing left, I trust our friendship will still stand. There’s no way I’m trading what we share for anything. I love you.

I thank God for giving me a good friend so I’ll never have to walk alone. I love you.

You’re a beautiful soul. It’s no wonder I love you so much. I want to be your best friend forever.

Best friends are precious. You are a rare treasure. I love you my dear.

You keep all my secrets. I feel so safe and secure in your friendship. I love you, best friend.

No matter what you do, I won’t stop being your best friend. This bond is forever.

You’re family, you’re blood. You’re my best friend in whom I am well pleased.

I’ve got your back always. You can always count on my love and support. I love you, best friend.

Don’t ever hesitate to talk to me when you feel the need to. I will always be here for you and just so you know, your secrets are always safe with me.

Loving you is something I’ve made up my mind to do always. And my love will never fail.

You inspire and motivate me. Always pushing me to be better. Who would I rather choose as best friend? Thank you for always helping me to be my best self.

I admire you so much. I admire your lifestyle and outlook to life. I wonder where you get the energy to do all that you do. I am proud of you and I’m glad you’re my best friend.

You’re a huge, important part of my life. I love you more than words can say.

I can never forget the role you’ve always played in my life. You are a loyal friend I can boast of anytime, any day.

How did I ever deserve such a faithful friend as you? You are beautiful inside out, compassionate and lovely. Thank you for all that you represent in my life. You are awfully important to me and I totally love you.

You are special, yes you are. You’ve got the stuff best friends are made of. I love you.

No one can compete for your space in my heart. The space belongs to only you and you alone.

Loving you is a natural for me. You complete me like no one else does.

You’ve got the most beautiful personality ever. I’m so lucky to be friends with you and exceedingly blessed to be your best friend.

There’s no doubt this friendship we share is as important to me as life. I love you beyond words.

No other friend sees through me as you do. No one loves or cares for me as you do. I appreciate all the little things you do to make me feel special. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

You’re my best friend, the one who sticks closer than a brother. I love and appreciate you.

There’s nothing I want changed about you. I love you just the way you are,

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