Certainly, the old year serves as precedence to new one. Happy new year wishes to sweetheart is not out of place. Despite all the happenings, one cannot but be thankful for having his spouse around him. Most especially a wonderful woman, crossing over with her to a fresh year. Let’s spice and start the new year with beautiful wishes to someone we so much love.

Each of these new year messages is meant to further solidify relationships and commitment for a virile home in the new year.


Happy New Year Wishes to a Loved One

Happy New Year Wishes to My Love

My love, we are not just about celebrating another new year, we are about entering a new year full of so much fun, laughter, love and happiness. I want you to make a wish, make as many as you can, and watch all your wishes and heart desires granted unto you, happy new year dear.

My eyes so much desire to see your cute charming face, my ears desire to listen to the sound of your heart beating next to mine, and my whole body responds rapidly to stimulus each time you touch me, perhaps it’s because we are destined for each other, happy new year sweetheart, can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for us.

I want to welcome this new year with you in my arms, I want to hug you so tightly, kiss your soft lips so gently, and whisper into your lovely ears so loudly how much you mean the world to me, happy new year to you my love, wishing you a life filled with bliss and cheerfulness.

Trust me when I say I’m the happiest man on earth honey, I feel so lucky for having such a beautiful and inspiring woman like you as a wife, you’re God’s gift to me my love, happy new year darling, wishing you a delightful year ahead filled with love and happiness my queen.

You make my days so beautiful and my life simply amazing, every minute I spend with you is so magical and the feeling is worthwhile, a moment of time well spent that I will live to cherish forever. Thank Goodness I’m sharing this special moment of bliss with you, happy new year love.

I feel so happy and super excited this morning my dear, do you care to know why? It’s simply because I woke up right next to you my love, sweetheart let’s fill the chapters of life this year with the pages of our love stories, happy new year dear.

I’ve found a new home in you, a home that offers me great comfort, support and peace of mind in times of my troubles and distress, I thank you enormously for such resilience and accommodating spirit you possess, happy new year to my dazzling princess, may God bless you in hundred folds for all that you do.

My life would be so boring and empty with you my love. Being able to celebrate this special moment of intense pleasure and joy with you is a dream come true. As we celebrate this new year, I wish you all that you cherish and hold dear in heart. Happy new year my joy giver.

My love, I wish you all the happiness and blessings that you truly deserve, a beautiful couple as nice as ours lights up every new year with so much joy and happiness, let’s keep this tradition going my dear, wishing you a peaceful and blissful year ahead.

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Happy New Year Wishes to Her

To my beautiful and awesome wife, I want to sincerely thank you for the wonderful and exciting moments we both shared throughout the past years and also for the joy and happiness you made me enjoy till this present moment, my prayers for you as we step into this new year is that happiness will not depart from your home, happy new year to you my dear.

Many people look forward to the new year for a new start, but with you right beside me, I look forward to a year filled with so much joy and happiness just as the previous years, Happy new year my darling angel.

Your happiness means a whole lot to me my queen, I can walk a thousand miles just to see your cute smile, climb the highest mountain just to show you how much you mean the world to me, the verbosity of my words can’t express it all my queen, but I just want you to know, it is you I love and adore, happy new year to you my love.

May this happy moment of time mark the beginning of  long lasting joy, smile, and happiness in our lives even as we fill our hearts with so much love and affection, and may this new year also be accompanied with lots of beautiful memories to cherish forever, happy new year my multi-talented queen.

May this new dawn on us with hopes anew, and as we embrace this new phase of life, may God cause his light to shine on you, guide and direct you, and prepare before you a clean path that will eventually lead you to a positive destination, happy new year princess, wishing you a year fully loaded with lots of joy and happiness.

You fill the emptiness of my soul with your passionate love and affection, with you around every minute is a unique moment of time for me, on this new year eve, I pray that the bond that binds us together last forever and let it never change but grow firmer and deeper by the day, happy new year sweetie.

Happy new year my darling wife, may you enjoy all the happiness that life throws at you and all the lack for the wonderful days that are yet to come.

I hope that you enjoy the New Year in store my love, I also wish that all the days ahead be as happy as this day with many more reasons and beautiful memories to celebrate a lifetime of happiness, perseverance, and cheerfulness, happy new year sweetheart, wishing you a year as awesome as you are.

My sincere wishes and prayers for you as we step into this new year is that God’s blessings, mercy and favour rest upon you and may this auspicious bonding of our union be blessed by the almighty, happy new year dearie.

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