Daily Good Morning Prayers

Daily Good Morning Prayers sent to friends and loved ones gives their days a boost and helps them to launch out each day with an assured confidence that all will be well.

Bless your loved ones each morning with these daily good morning prayers and make each day a better one for them.

Daily Good Morning Prayers

Morning Prayers

You are God’s beloved, an Apple of his eyes, God wants you reigning today, so I pray that you find Favour as you go out today.

May heavens smile at what you do today, a merry morning.

Last night was a long night that seemed unending but at the end come this beautiful morning. May every evil seed that was sowed as you swept during the night be crushed by the reason of this morning.

As you go out today may you have the best experience in your work today.

No weapon fashion against you  shall prosper, this morning you shall go out soaring like the eagle you are.

May the eyes of the wicked be made closed for your sake as you go out and come in. You shall have a great morning.

May your mouth be filled with breath taking testimony as you prepare for the day. Have a great morning.

Every plans of the enemies against you is rolled away by the reason of the breaking of this day.

My prayers for you today is to live above your expectations, to watch God’s promises for you come to pass. A blessed day ahead.

May the odds never be against you, May success always be beside you, May you always find joy as you walk out today. Good morning.

My desire for you this morning is that your steps be ordered by divinity, when a man’s life is control by the supernatural  he tends to live the supernatural way.

May the divine wisdom that rules all wisdom teach you and grant you the wisdom to take and make decisions today, have a great morning.

May songs of joy never cease from your mouth this morning, May every  seconds be so precious and filled with joy always. Good morning.

This is the best time to wish you a great morning, I pray may the odds never come close to your  dwelling, May you find ease in everything you do.

May you be elevated in all you do, you shall travel higher in every spheres of life you find yourself, forward ever and never backward. Good morning.

May your day be filled with loads of blessing from all corners, your joy shall know no bounds. Have a beautiful morning.

Walk in God’s Grace and men favour, May your life be full of brightness. Have great day ahead.

For this is the day that the Lord has made, you shall rejoice and be glad in it.

As many that shall gather to pull you down, shall be shattered for your sake and shall see you soaring high.

Whosoever might have dug a pit to watch you fall into it this day, shall fall into it.

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Good Morning Prayer Blessings

May the God who made the morning and the night, rain on you with his abundant blessing overdose as you go out today. Have a blessed day.

Good Morning Prayer Blessings
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I pray for open doors all corners as you March out today, be successful in all you do. A beautiful morning to you.

While men slept the enemies came and sowed evil seed. Whatever evil seed that was sowed in the night to work against you this morning we uproot it and pronounce you free, have a blessed day ahead.

May God’s abundant mercy shine on your path as you walk out today, May He grace your feet with preciousness.

Go out a champion, go out a victor, go out winning in every sphere and circle of life, you were design to win in God’s world so keep winning. Good morning.

May your morning be filled with God’s unending showers of blessings, be happy always.

May the Lord bless your morning, May he be gracious unto you.

A bright morning to you beloved friend, May each passing seconds of this day bring joy, peace, happiness, May you know no sorrow today. Have a great day ahead.

As much as you shall touch today shall be blessed with the blessing of the Almighty, God’s face shall shine so brightly on you.

May God cause his face to shine on your path as you go out, you shall come back with great news to share. A lovely morning to you.

Whatever spell that was cast on this day to bring misfortune for you, I pray that it be turned to work out for your good. A marvelous morning.

I pray that God’s open heavens be made release to you, May you experience open doors in all places you venture in.


In the multitude of people may you find favour like Esther, May God hands of favour continually be upon you.

Divine wisdom upon Divine wisdom be made reveal to you to rule this day. A marvelous morning ahead. Have the World Best day today.

Hello, wake up… receive my simple gift of Good MORNING wrapped with sincerity, tied with care and sealed with a prayer to keep you safe and happy all day long! take care!

Morning is not only sun rise but A Beautiful Miracle of God that defeats darkness and spread light.This will be a very beautiful day for you.!!

There is always something to be thankful for each and every day, when you see the beauty of being alive under God’s grace Good Morning and have a bless day!

I pray that the God of all possibilities make every thing possible in your life, May all barriers be broken in Jesus nane. Step out riding victoriously on eagles wings.

You become a winner when you start talking winning, acting winning and living a winning lifestlye, my Ernest prayer is that you shall live victoriously today. Have a lovely morning.

God’s divine protection is all about you, he will keep you from all attacks of the devil, he will take you out safely and bring you back safely, I hide you under his divine protection today. Good morning.

May God’s Grace be sufficient for you to excel today, May he prosper all you set your hands to do. Live in God’s fullness for your life today.

I decree total healing, restoration to all the bones in your body, May this morning bring all of God’s packages to you. Have a great morning dear friend.

May God’s Grace and mercy be abundant on you to do great exploits in this day.

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