Surprise Birthday Appreciation Messages

Birthday Surprise Appreciation Messages

You just had your birthday and you were overwhelmed by the love, gifts and surprise you received from friends. It’s time to tell them thank you and let them know you appreciate all the love, messages and gifts received. These birthday surprise appreciation messages will help you express to your friends and loved ones how thankful you are for their love and birthday surprises.

Thank You for Birthday Surprise Messages

That was a wonderful birthday surprise I received from you, thank you for making me feel so special, I’m honoured.

Thank You For Surprise Birthday Messages
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•           Thanks for organising such a beautiful birthday party for me, you are truly the best! Thanks so much.

•           As the sun gives brightness to the day so did your surprise brighten my day and I’m not taking it for granted, thanks a lot.

•           Your surprise brought joy to my heart and this joy can not be kept closed up in my heart, it’s overflowing. I’m so so grateful for all you did, thanks again.

•           Award for the best surprise ever goes to you my dear, your surprise package was mind blowing, thanks a lot.

•           It all happened so fast, thanks for the surprise birthday party you organized for me, I really do appreciate.

•           Your surprise was a wow! Thanks for the gift you sent me in respect to my birthday, may God bless you for me.

•           May God Almighty bless you for blessing me on my birthday, may God cause men to surprise you in a very big and tremendous style.

•           May God’s help never leave you and all you do because you have shown me help on my birthday, may heaven’s help always be close to you. Thank you so much for the surprise package.

•           Thank you so much for everything you did for me on my birthday, it meant a lot to me you won’t understand. May God bless you richly for me, thanks.

•           As you’ve minister gifts and surprises to me on my birthday, may God’s Angels confer goodness and plenty of heaven’s supplies on you. Thank you so much for all you did, may God Almighty bless you abundantly.

•           I must confess I was overwhelmed by the extreme expression of love demonstrated by you. It was indeed a delightful experience, thank you so much and may God bless you abundantly.

•           May God be your reward for showing me the love I received. The show of love was so massive, thank you so much for everything. May God reward you plenty.

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Thank You Messages For Surprise Birthday Treat

•           Thank you for everything you did for me on my birthday. I really received a special treat from you like I was so unique.

. Thank you so much for the surprise you showed to me on my birthday, it was not expected and I want to tell you that you really swept me off my feet with your surprise, may God bless you abundantly.

•           It was the best so far, I can’t remember any surprise package I received that was as outstanding as yours. Thanks a lot you really made my day special and may God bless you.

• If life had existed without friendship, I don’t know what I would have done. Your friendship is something I have enjoyed so much, you are not just a friend but a big part of me. Thank you for caring so much for me on my birthday, I love you very much for everything you do. May God bless you.

•           It was a great day for me and this day will forever remain in my mind. Thank you for being a huge part of this great day of mine. For all of your contributions to ensure this day was great for me I say thank you and be blessed.

•           I could only imagine if you were not here. What if I haven’t met with you, what if our paths had never crossed I would have missed a wonderful person like you. Thank you so much for organising this great party for my birthday celebration, may God richly bless you.

•           If wishes were horses I would have wished for a banquet full of surprises for you, you have been a great friend and companion, thank you so much for being who you are to me and not forgetting to acknowledge the gift you sent to me it was a wow! May God bless you for me.

•           I am so overwhelmed, your birthday surprise to me is like an angelic visitation to me. I’m so grateful for the gifts, the messages and the whole lots of package you arranged for me.

•           As you’ve taken this day of mine as yours, may God give you a day as glorious as mine. Thank you so much for making this day as colourful as it was for me.

•           I didn’t know I would be celebrated as such. You’ve made me realise how important I am in this part of the world, thank you so very much and may God bless you.

•           It only takes a special person to celebrate another special person, thank you for celebrating with me, you are indeed special, may you be celebrated.

•           Thank you so much for being there for me when I needed you the most, you made my day so special for me with all the surprises you showered on me. May God bless you bountifully and increase you on all sides.

•           Nothing gladdens my heart more than to know that I am of great value and worth to someone to have been celebrated as such, thanks so much for this great birthday surprise you packed for me, be blessed abundantly.

•           I want to extend my appreciation to you for all the lovely birthday packages you sent to me, it was a great day for me, I felt so special thank you so much and I pray that God Almighty rewards you for all you did.

•           May God Almighty bless you for all of the efforts you put in ensuring that I got the best surprise birthday package ever. Thank you so much for everything.

•           Thank you a lot for everything you’ve done for me, I was the top most celebrated celebrity in town because of your surprise, thanks so much.

•           My birthday was the talk of the town because of the surprise you put forward for me, I have never felt so loved as this, may God bless you richly for all of your sacrificial help you’ve rendered to me. Thanks a lot.

•           As you’ve surprised me so great as this,may heaven’s door never cease to surprise you with lots and lots of gift. May God bless you for blessing me and cause you to increase in all sides. Thank you.

•           Waking up to receiving the gifts you sent to me was as if I was dreaming. Thank you so much for the gifts.

•           I thought I was dreaming not until it became crystal clear that it was reality. Thank you a lot, this is a lifetime surprise I won’t forget in a hurry.

•           Wow…and the cake was so beautiful, I now feel like the first lady of the state. Thanks so much for this show of love, God bless you abundantly.

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